Loving the Crank Brothers “DC Symphony 3” Video!

Through my contacts I caught wind of a Go-Go song being produced to spotlight some of the Ladies who front DC’s top Go-Go Funk and R&B Bands. The Song is called DC Symphony 3 (Pocket Full of Dymes) and has since been produced and released by The Crank Brothers. Over a solid Go-Go beat, all these Go-Go rock stars lay solid “divalicious” verses that ride exquisitely in the “pocket”.

DC Symphony 3 features and introduction by “99” (DC Brand 99), and top notch verses by Ms. Karis (Bela Donna), Cedes (Loud) , Kacey (singing & w/ Black Alley), and Queen Adia (Project 360).

There is a video to accompany DC Symphony Part 3 housed on the TMOTTGogo website that is produced by my man Anthony “Gadget” Mims of Digital Hustle Films.

You have to watch The Video!

It’s the video that fuels this blog about DC Symphony 3. I watched it for the first time a few days ago and simply fell in love with each and every Go-Go Diva in it.

It’s a basic video production with different tightly shot scenic backdrops for the ladies to rhyme and sing in front of. Some folks may take that as a negative on production value, but with the purpose being to just focus on the Divas as they laced their verses on film, I consider that job very well done. The ladies looked absolutely gorgeous in the production to the point where I was drawn in completely to watching the kind of Black Women I grew up with, around, and love do THEIR thing in entertainment.

The video stuck me on surprisingly personal level. Each diva in it actually represented the desired qualities that I admire in strong women. In the DC Symphony 3 video these divas exude confidence, intelligence, empowerment, and yes… sexiness! I have no problems offering my testimony and confessions about loving these traits; after all, in this Go-Go lover’s opinion, DC Symphony 3 IS a video designed to tug on the fellas.

All shades, shapes, sizes, and styles of Black Women were given equal shine and representation in this locally produced video. I have to take my hat off to Mims and the Crank Brothers on that. It is indeed rare to see video imagery of Black Women outside of the preferences of what is commonly accepted for mainstream entertainment broadcast and promotion. These ladies looked HOT and alluring from one sister to the next. Because the video doesn’t do all the A.D.D standard production video tricks to get (or numb)your attention; with that pocket crank beat holding rhythm perfectly locked, I was able to focus on what the MC’s were saying – thoroughly enjoying watching them saying it!

The DC Symphony Part 3 video has been out for several weeks now and I have heard early reviews that it somehow wasn’t up to snuff. I’ll admit that is reason for the delay in me getting around to watching it.

Well, I was flat out wrong to do that. DC Symphony 3 is a hot track and the supporting video makes me want to go out and meet each and every one of these sisters personally to thank them, and of course see them rock live and direct in concert. Keep your eyes peeled and ears perked for when any one of them is playing next, let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to meet you at the Go-Go!

Watch the Crank Brothers’ DC Symphony 3 Video here

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