Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman got America squirmin’!

A young super talented Black Man playing professional sports that made the game winning play to send his team to the Super Bowl – the most watched American Sporting event in the world!

From Compton, CA, Richard Sherman let a little bit of that inner city beast out on national TV in a post-game interview that now is the topic of conversation in every segment of American society.

He talked a little smack, which may or may not have scared the interviewer into concluding the segment after there really was nothing left to say after his initial comments.

I knew when I saw the interview what was to come. Hate. Pure Hate for a Black Man’s exuberance and truth telling about the situation he faced, and how he overcame it to win the game and help his team get to the Big Dance.

He has been called a Nigger – tens of thousands of times since Sunday’s game. Publically. Privately. Analytically by sports enthusiast and professional journalists nationwide.  

Not once, in all the debates about “what he did”, have I heard anyone mention with equally matching passion and conviction: “America has a serious problem with racism that we need to address now”.

A Black Man confident in his abilities, and producing the data that proves he is the best in the business at what he does in America, is only reserved for… now get this… commercial mainstream corporate driven Rappers. Only Jay-Z and Kanye West types are allowed to be boisterous of their abilities and be loved in the eyes of their countrymen.

A Black Man confident in his abilities is labeled as arrogant and unappreciative of the “opportunities” afforded to him by the system. Forget that Richard Sherman came from humble beginnings and worked hard to put himself in a position to make the game winning play.

They say America’s economic system of capitalism is about competition. But when a Black Man competes and wins on a level playing field, we are not expected to celebrate too much… lest we be pegged as ungrateful, a thug, or out of control.

I know this dynamic full well. Sitting in my room with past and current awards for excellence in music and accomplishments of almost 20 years, waiting for the phone to ring from the DC area’s top concert performing halls, I tip my hat to Richard Sherman. I too have no problem letting anyone know just who I am and what I mean to this DC music scene, and I am more than willing to provide the data and show rocking ability to back it all up to be booked alongside the top national performing acts at the BEST venues.

I have been told I have an Ego. My response to that is “Damn Right!”.  Then I challenge the offender on the spot to show me what they are working with that can disprove my claims. The response is always… crickets.

I have been extremely impressed with the way this young brother from Compton, CA has handled himself in the blow back. His articulation is impeccable, and his pride undaunted. I’m willing to bet money that whoever raised Richard Sherman is to credit for this, and I work to raise my daughter the exact same way. Undoubtedly, she will be similarly tested at her core as she grows up and navigates success in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave where racism is not supposed to exist anymore.

Hats off to Richard Sherman, his family, friends, and support groups!

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