Head-Roc on the Effects of Gentrification on the DC Hip-Hop Scene…

DC Gentrification Fact:

The Omission of the Continued Work and Dedication of DC Hip-Hop Legends over the last 20 Years…

by some of our leading Arts Journalist in Washington, DC is a HUGE part of the Reason why We have to work 16 Times as Hard to have Sustainable Careers. (Yes, I said 16…)

Where are the write-ups on Thaylobleu KOKAYI Patrick Washington The Package Enoch MetaTron Voice El-Shamesh Mike DjEskimo Mitchell Enoch 7th Prophet & DJ Earth 1NE Melissa Princess Best Wes Felton’s Cookie Wear Bobby Oso-Fresh Alirezai Bomani Armah Raquel Ra Brown Ron dj’Rbi Brown The Soul Controllers LiL SoSo Productions David Anthony West Mello-D & the Rados Akil Nadir Daniel Zacharias Tony N’digo Rose Hicks and Dozens of others who are Untouchable on Stage rocking Original Non-Corporate bending Music outta Chocolate City?

(Please those who i did not tag, forgive me… I have not forgotten you… and please tag Yourselves!! )

See… I have a couple Blogs at Popular News Outlets… They want ME to cover the Arts Scene… lol… but I am not a Journalist…

I am Artist.

The Most Gentrified DC Hip-Hop Artist in Washington, DC… Ever.

I say Ever… because.. Before this is All said and Done… Ill Make sure it never happens to the Generation coming up… trust Me.

04.09.14 Washington, DC: Head-Roc @ Kennedy Center-Millennium Stage. Panelist for “The State of the U: The Effects of Gentrification on DC Hip-Hop” w/ Asheru, Raquel Brown, Brent “Munch” Joseph, DJ Stylus, Toni Blackmon, Marc Powers, Omrao Brown, Victoria Murray. 2700 F Street NW DC. 8p-10pm.Image

Pre-Order on Amazon:

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