I Stay Rocking!

I Stay Rocking!

You know why? I don’t let these folks who i Helped Get on 2, 5, 10, 15 years ago who have somewhat Powerful Positions in the industry i Hustle to Feed My Kid, discourage me by ignoring reporting on the Historic things Ive been Blessed to be a part of as a Hip-Hop Artist from and based out of the Nation’s Capitol Resistance.

My Work with DC’s Punk Community 10 years ago (Social Justice)
My 2008 Presidential Campaign with Jared Ball
Being voted the Best Hip-Hop Band GODISHEUS 4 Years Straight… CURRENT – that’s now 10 Total (5 W/ 3lg, 1 Head-Roc)
And now the Classical World being all Abuzz with Go-Go Symphony (about to blow through the Roof)

Naw… I aint mad we aint get no Big Paper Press from the Hip-Hop/Urban Arts Journalists none of that… not the Urban Ones… the ones who Know Me… Naw, Instead,

I listen to the Thousands of Head Roc family and friends who tell me many times a Day…

“Keep Doing What You Are Doing My Brother!”

You should listen to them Too… listen to YOUR People!


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