.99 Cents to “Save Our People”

On Thursday my Single with two DC Music Powerhouses, Kenny Allen & Ne’a Posey, Drops and will be available for .99 Cents.

I am asking YOU who read this Post here on Facebook… Family, Friends, and “Lurkers” alike to put .99 Cents of your Hard Earned Money on the Home Team.


Because For Real For Real… Whether you Love Me or Not… Lionize Me or Demonize Me;

You Need Me… Just Like I Need You.

Whether to Lift You Up… Or Give you a Pat on the Behind… Head Roc has Always Been there for You… and will Continue to Be for Many Years to Come.

.99 Cents —> “Save Our People” (Kenny Allen’s Watts Mix) [feat. Ne’a Posey]

You can do that…


And Me and My Family Appreciate Tremendously what you can do… Easily.

Thanks for YOUR Support!


***Click the Pic Above to get the Link to Purchase “Save Our People” Kenny Allen’s Watts Mix (feat. Ne’a Posey)

***Listen to the 2 Min Promo:

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