The World is Watching..

The World is Watching…
Washington, DC independent D.I.Y. Artist (ME) releasing MONSTER Funk/Soul/Hip-Hop Music with a Message and Begging the Question, Who’s Gonna…

“Save Our People” Kenny Allen’s Watts Mix feat. Ne’a Posey

Kenny’s in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and has been for the past 4/5 years..
Ne’a here in Chocolate City, USA (Ask Me about that…)

Will Local Major Press give coverage to Head-Roc on this One?
Will Commercial Radio play this Song?
Will it ‘Catch On’ beyond Head-Roc’s dedicated Supporters and Fans of over 20 Years?
Will the Progressive Movement and Non-Profits working in our Communities of Culture Support Head-Roc on his 1st Commercial Release in 10 years, as He has supported it for the last Decade?

The World is Watching…

Enjoy the Show!

Head-Roc’s “Save Our People” (Kenny Allen’s Watts Mix) [feat. Ne’a Posey] [Explicit] on Amazon:


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