& when Things are Well for a Black Rock Star Super Hero…


I am going to the LOW Country next week with my Daughter Jahmila,
And we gonna Learn something about our History…

And do so Together.

…And I’m gonna Run my 1st official 10K Race in Charleston, SC!!!

And My T-Shirts are Flying off the Rack, and my Single with Kenny Allen and Ne’a Posey (Who Looked Stunning at the Kennedy Center on Stage Last Night) is selling like Hot Cakes!

And you need that “Black Rock Star Super Hero” Music Therapy in your Life…

And You’ve been Watching From Afar Long Enough.

And By now you should know, that This thing over here is Serious.



We Bet the Farm on it 10 Years Ago when We Left the Plantation.

The Return of Black Broadway 2004 > Black Leon 2014


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