Lost and Found at the UMCP Nyumburu Cultural Center

Lost and Found at the UMCP Nyumburu Cultural Center

Found this beautiful charm on the Floor in front of my seat as i Watched Dr. Jared Ball and John Potash give Panel remarks at the 1st Annual James Otis Williams Youth Literary and Poetry Competition during the Nyumburu Cultural Center’s 2014 Annual Literature Conference.

I found the charm fascinating and first thought it to be made of Silver, as I am a collector of the precious metal. After some rubbing of the surface, appreciating the textured piece… I am not so sure. The engravings of what i imagine to be a Catholic religious figure on the front, and the building on the back are exquisitely detailed.

I barely saw it on the cream colored linoleum floor. i credit the find to having worked 14 years as a Land Surveyor for Arlington County Government, where i spent Hundreds if not thousands of hours looking for the heads of black nails on black asphalt. Apparently and happily so, i still have a keen eye.

I took these two pictures on my cell phone and posted them on my Facebook Page, then asked the public for help identifying it. From out of Lakeland, Florida Facebook Friend Comedian Sterling Tyson chimed in that he believes it to be a “Religious charm belonging to a Catholic Priest.” Though i am not convinced that the owner is necessarily a person of the cloth, i am sure the piece is pretty significant to whoever it belongs to.

That said, I hope sister Jade, another Friend on Facebook is happy with this more involved and publicized attempt to return the Charm to its Natural owner. 🙂

And if YOU (reading) are the owner and wish to be reunited with your Charm, send me an email to info@head-roc.com to begin the interview process.

Yes… You will have to prove it’s yours before I relinquish it… How? How about, if you can, Send me a photo with you wearing it for starters… Don’t have one?

Email me and we will figure it out. 🙂

I Don’t want to let this Charm end up in the Wrong Hands. 🙂

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