A Blessing from Joe Maiden

A Blessing from Joe Maiden

“My brother!! The #BlackRockStarSuperHero!! Doing it up and blessed Cookie Wear with a practice session!!

My question to the masses:
Why does he (Being Head Roc) not receive the full support he is deserving of? For the longest he has been #ProDC #ProHomeTeam and #ProCommunity. It’s time to give this man, father and our brother his due. It matters not if you like him or not, but you must admit he is due respect.

Come to think about it, we all need to show our love and lift up our brothers, and help them remain lifted. Brothers in addition #HeadRoc such as Roc Mikey, Crank King, Syvelle Story, Sammy Bravo and so on.

It’$ time we give our #DCFam their proper$. Best believe MichelleNoodles Smith along with #CookieWear i$ right there ready to $how it’$ love.

#Godisheus #DCR #CrankKing”

Quote from Joe Maiden Facebook Post on April 30, 2014

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