Catch Head-Roc on “Breaking the Set” with Abby Martin” Friday June 6th @ 6pm EST (Again @ 9:30pm)

Excited about being on worldwide TV tomorrow! Here’s where you can catch my performance in many areas across the United States.

Tune into RT in New York on ch. 135 (Time Warner),

in Los Angeles on ch. 236,
in San Diego & North County on ch. 222,

in San Fransisco on ch. 103 and
Desert Cities on channel 236 (Time Warner),

in Chicago on ch. 103 (Comcast),

in Ohio on ch. 266 (Buckeye CableSystem) and

in the Washington, DC area on ch. 274 (Comcast), ch. 34 (RCN), ch.455 (Fios), ch. 474 (Cox) or ch. 30.4 with your antenna.

You can also watch the show streaming live at

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