Marginalized within The Movement (Reason 6)

Excerpt from a FB post where the Host declares there hasn’t been a socially conscious Leader who’s a Hip-Hop MC since Tupac.

I found his comments utterly ridiculous.


“Again… This is some Bullshit. We live in the Nations Capital… The political epicenter of everything. We’ve had artists creating phenomenal socially conscious material forever. Go-Go music is the beginning of Dropping The Bomb on the shenanigans inflicted on our People. Dozens more notable local heavyweights who took the “Lead” stepping up to be Leaders. Charlatans with sensationalist rhetoric… Calling the Arts Community to #dosomething it’s already been doing… Shameful! How about recognizing what has been done? What continues and where folks can go to help out our Existing Leaders? Instead of digging up dead men long gone AND jock riding Artists from other far away lands, formerly Corporate Label owned, as opposed to supporting the #blackrockstarsuperheroes living right here in our midst?
I mean… When these initiatives, groups, and organizations need entertainment for they sad Ass broke budget outreach events… They don’t be calling no Boots Riley… They call… YOU! right DC artists? That’s when you matter…. When these bamas need entertainment and ain’t do enough proper organizing and fundraising to patronize You Socially Conscious Revolutionary Art Activities… Now…. That’s rubber on the Road.”

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