Chocolate City Rocks is now at The Kennedy Center

Meditating, Reflecting, and Thinking Back… as I Move Forward…

I have been popularizing that “Chocolate City” still lives in the Nations Capitol, even with all the attempts to bulldoze our Culture into the dust with the new Development and such…

and I remember folks were responding to me, some with pain and others laughingly so:

“it ain’t Chocolate City no more..” and “Vanilla Villa” this an that… as if despise and oppose my endearment and use of the word… “Chocolate”.

The Whole time they MUST have not known that Vanilla is… Black.
I loved to point that out in my responses.

And This time i would like to point out that… after long toil and many attempts to derail my efforts.

“Chocolate City Rocks” is now at The Kennedy Center.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate City Rocks is now at The Kennedy Center

  1. I see you post a lot of shit promoting your shows, but not a peep on Palestine, despite the fact that Israel has been massacring people there for the past 3 weeks. Looks like its pretty clear where your priorities are.

    • Yes it is clear… is that okay for you? Good! Now… go do your research… it’s easy! Just search Head-Roc and Palestine… post your results Here for all to see.

      Oh… and my Shit ain’t Shit… it’s Black Rock Star Super Hero Music. Get that shit straight the next time you pop your mouth of about what my priorities are. Thank You. BLESS!

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