Head-Roc PSA for Professional Artists being Robbed Left and Right by Predator Venues, Promoters, and Other Groups:

It’s not Our Job to Draw People out and Fill Seats to meet a Business’ Operations Budget AND Profit for the Night.

It’s the Job of the Talent Purchaser/Promoter/venue to do that. Period.

Our Job is to Rock the House. Period. 2 or 20,000… Rock the House! Do That…

Then After Our Work is done… We can comfortably say…

“Pay Me Please.”


To get put it another way…

“Have you Ever Been Robbed Before, as an Indie Musician by a Crook at the Door?”

Listen to “Robert Foore” by GODISHEUS

Be sure to catch GODISHEUS live w/ Thaylobleu for “Chocolate City Rocks” at the Kennedy Center on Saturday August 23, 2014 @ 6pm


For More info visit: http://www.chocolatecityrocks.com

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