I Said Something


What happened in Ferguson, Missouri happens to Black Men in little ways that are accepted by our Society all over this Land Everyday:

The Emasculation of the Black Man in America.

I watched this homeless brother go from minding his own business to being captured, Frisked, cuffed, Frisked again and detained.

It only took About ten minutes all in all as I ate my sandwich. I watched in a way to let the Cops know I was watching. I let them see me take pictures too. They were watching me as well after that.

I Finished my sandwich and began to head off to my next appointment; walking by the Homeless Brother and the brothers working as Cops. I said to the Brother you see in the picture, “yall ain’t gotta have him In the Middle of the sidewalk rifling through clothes like this… Plus it’s the fourth time you e checked him ain’t it?”

He said, “Mind your Business.”

I told him I was.

Nearby, A Sister sitting down enjoying her lunch motioned me to come over and asked me what the homeless man had done.

I told her what I saw. She said the occupants of the Building called the Po-Po in the homeless man. She said the do it all the time.

And that MUST be true. In all the time while this legal kidnapping took place,
No one stopped to inquire what was going on.

It was Business as Usual in The Concrete Jungle.


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