What it takes to show the World “Chocolate City Rocks”

As a Socially Conscious Artist, For the last 10 Years i have been Ostracized, Marginalized, and Abandoned by my Peers:

Fellow Artists, Promoters, Venues, and the like…

…in the DC Music Community for being “Outspoken” and challenging of the Status Quo Predatory Entertainment Economy of Washington, DC. Thank You.


Despite my Many Accomplishments, Awards, Accolades, Travels, Mainstream and Indie Media Coverage/Success for the Merits of my Art, my Local Peer Community in Control of the very small but precious Arts Funding Resources (Fellow Artists, Promoters, Venues, and the like) have shown me nothing but shade… save a scant few… who i literally can count them on one Hand. Thank You.


In that time, i have seen more DC Black Musicians than before enter places once silently forbidden to them. In many cases, i have helped my Peers Directly only to never see that helping hand reciprocated. You’re Welcome!


I have withstood attacks (verbally) and threats (physical) by my Fellow Artists, Promoters, Venues, and the like in the course of winning ANY debate the issues of Wage Theft and discrimination against Black and Conscious Musicians here in Washington, DC. Thank You.


I have endured the Collapse of my Family, a Divorce and Separation from my only Child, Homelessness, Anxiety, Severe Depression, and overall General Heartbreak, ultimately, as a result of leaving my Plantation Job as a Survey Engineer with Arlington County waaaay back in 2004 to pursue my necessity of achieving a Sustainable Living as a Socially CONSCIOUS Do It Yourself Artist based in Washington, DC. Thank you.


I, who was once somewhat of the Darling boy of the DC Progressive Arts scene, am now stereotyped as not being able to work with because of my passionate viewpoints, and push back on corny ineffective activities on how many well meaning organizations decide to try and conduct Outreach toward OUR People in disaffected and disenfranchised Communities of Cutlure. Thank you.



A week from Today I am Producing the 1st of 4 Shows at the Illustrious The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts under the theme:

“Chocolate City Rocks”



Many Many thanks to my GODISHEUS brothers Dwayne Lee, Kenny Gross, Byron Jackson, and Kal-El Gross. Rock Stars on their own Stages, they somehow think im good enough on the Mic to Keep up with them.

Many Thanks to Thaylobleu. I love these DC Hip-Hop Gods because I Don’t have to Explain a thing to them about what WE have been going through together.

Many Thanks to Risikat Okedeyi. She has been Funking with me at least a Dozen Years now. Respected and Revered by even the Status Quo… This Goddess NEVER treads on Me.

Many Thanks to Cory Stowers, aka Rock Creek Lee. This Brother has shown me so much Respect and is a one of the Blessed People working in the Arts Community.

Many Many Many thanks to Sifu Abdur-Rahim Muhammad. Again, a decade ago this Brother snatched me up talking bout Paul Robeson this and that…

Well Sifu… I now understand and “Here I Stand”… Alone.


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