Who’s Gonna Save Our People?

“Save Our People” By Head-Roc
Copyright 2013



Who’s gonna Save Our People?

From a world filled with Evil?

Where the browner you are,

The deeper your scar.


Denied access to our resources,

Controlled by the government forces.

The politicians bailed out the rich,

Like the poor aint shit, man and that a bitch?


Who gonna Save Our People?

Descendants of enslaved Africans.

They wanna act like its ancient history,

And the root of our challenges are a mystery


But it could never be said enough,

That Niggas in America got it rough!

Everybody got opinions,

Caught up in the vision of the devil and his minions


Save our People!

Save Our People!


We’ve come a long way you know,

And with so so far to go.

A black man in the White House

Is a grey matter and it don’t mean he looking out.

So we got to stay vigilant,

No matter who’s in don’t be complacent and ignorant.


Save Our People!

Save Our People!


We been around for a long time,

And been through a lot on the grind

Wish we had more supporters,

from other cultures to handle these vultures

Implementing a global agenda,

every time we surrender family we injure


Who’s gonna Save our People!

The Natives are Restless

Surviving under Duress it,

Leaves a community breathless


We used to get on our knees and pray to Jah

Now we prey on each other and hunt for jobs

From the spiritual to material

Indigenous to imperial, clearly yo!


We need to Save our People,

I need to Save Our People

Save our people

You need to save our people

Save our people

We need to save our people


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