Since Ritchie Incognito… How many Black Athletes?

Since Ritchie Incognito,

How many Black Athletes have been targeted, exposed, humiliated, vilified, and banned from sports for their Private Life indiscretions?

I had to look it up, and when i did I found this list of 2014 NFL Players who have been arrested published by USA Today.

I am not sure how many non Black Players are on the list, but i know Richie Incognito is not on the list. See, You don’t get arrested for bullying and calling a Black Man a Nigger in America. As of Today, It’s not against the Law.

Incognito’s form of Violence is not considered Domestic, even though the act of degrading Black Men, to destroy us psychologically, is very much an American (Domestic) Tradition.

So my question is…

How many Black NFL players lives (and in other sports) will be dug into and ruined to assuage the guilt Ameroca incurred during Incognito’s known, accepted, and sanctioned Violent behavior laden career?

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