Eugene Puryear for DC City Council At-Large

A reminder of why I’m supporting Eugene Puryear in the November 4th Election! Please read and visit his campaign at




The Universe works in Mysterious Ways!

Woke up two days ago and saw in my Head-Roc email inbox the big “Open Letter” endorsement for Eugene Puryear, and his campaign to win the Non-Democrat At-Large DC City Council seat in the upcoming November election.

Open Letter: Why You Should Support Eugene Puryear

Then a day later (yesterday) while walking past the Columbia Heights Metro station, I ran into a Sister working for Puryear votes on the Chocolate City streets. I kindly told her that i was already voting for Brother Puryear, and just as i was stepping away, I heard him clearly call out to me powerfully and joyfully through the city noise. THIS is why i like Eugene Puryear… the Brother is… a BROTHER!

We exchanged Cultural Pleasantries and chatted it up a bit about how well the Puryear Campaign is doing. We checked our calendars and such to see…

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