On what 9th Wonder said about Iggy Azalea…

His Points are 100% Valid my Friends.

and I want to say thanks to the Many Many Thousands of Black Rock Star Super Heroes Worldwide who have been supporting my Indie Arts Career for a Decade Now! 🙂

As a result,

In 2015 We’re working with 10,000 Conscious Consumers to deliver 3 Art Projects (Music & Video) for Purchase.

At $10/ea… That’s a $30/yr Commitment in exchange for owning more Black Rock Star Super Hero Music/Art created, produced, and distributed by Mr. Chocolate City Rocks! 🙂

And that’s how We Survive, Family!

No Kickstarter, No Indiegogo, No GoFundMe
No Record or Distribution Deal
Zero commercial Radio Play (much Love to all the Indie/underground/pirate stations that Play Head Roc!)
Little Magazine coverage for our Black Rock Star Super Hero contributions.

We simply don’t let the Gatekeepers/Taste makers stop Us. We do what we do Blessed…  MAKING Local, Regional, National, and International Headlines for Such!

In short… Organize your Fan Base and keep the Black Rock Star Super Hero Music coming!

One by One… 10 Years off the Plantation… 10,000…

We can’t Stop… Won’t Stop!



Read the Article here: http://m.xxlmag.com/entry/view/id/110680

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