“DC As Fuck” is the LATEST in Hipster/Gentrification Attacks on “Chocolate City Rocks”

“DC As Fuck” is the latest in Hipster/Gentrification Counter AttackS to My “Chocolate City Rocks” brand Initiative.

Molly Ruland has capitalized on the unfortunate divisions between a small group of Black Artists operating in the DC Arts Community, Many Former friends of mine from our fellowships back in what is commonly referred to as the “Golden Era Days.”

This division first occurred when I held their Plantation Boss and now Friend Steve Lambert accountable for his now patented Slave Labor steal money from artists Business Practices at DC9 (ahhh.. now u get it?), Rock a and Roll Hotel, and Red and Black. His chief instrument is called “Polling”. Years ago, My Head-Roc’s Mouth Washington City Paper articles series calling him out caused such an uproar in their Master’s House, they felt they were forced to choose sides. The side they chose was and is still that of a Predator.

Again, I’ll be Clear: Steve Lambert is a Predator of the Chocolate City Arts Community.

Also, I’ll be clear about another thing: To this day I have not once named any of my former friends as being complicit with Lambert’s actions and/or decisions. Even as they have publicly slandered me and shit talked my name amongst themselves in private.

When I questioned how DC9 was allowed to remain open after the death of the Ethiopian Brother a few years back, the rest of these so called former friends further distanced themselves. They complained about me questioning the unfair treatment by our own city government, in favor of these Hipster Slave Mastering Venue Owners. I merely and rightly pointed out that in every situation where a person was killed in an incident near a Black Owned Venue, THAT Venue was closed forever and wiped off the Map. In the case of DC9, their venue was allowed to remain open. That’s discrimination and yes it was along racial lines. Not only myself, but others pointed it out publically. Since I knew a couple of the employees working on or under the Steve Lambert Plantation artists $$$ theft scheme at the venues he’s associated with, they felt they had to pick a side… and they did.

These former friends, decided to close ranks under their Plantation owners to talk more shit about Head-Roc and organize themselves to operate against me artistically. To this Day, What they do is a direct counter to my WILDLY successful Chocolate City Rocks /Black Rock Star Super Hero /Black Love is Back/ memes and initiatives. Which is cool, because competition is good here in America, right?

Let me be Clear again: What we are witnessing here in the Nation’s Capital Arts Community is a Culture Competition.

The Originators vs The Takers.

It’s been almost 10 Years now since Lambert landed in town from Columbus, Ohio and began “Columbus’n” the DC Arts Scene. He came to me in 2006 as one of the 1st natives he met, and asked me to help him out with the lay of the land. I kindly did so – to only 2 years later in 2008, be demeaned by him for asking why he wasn’t booking Black Artist acts at DC9.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was hurt at first and even for a while, when I noticed my old friends take side up against me on Race and Culture lines to preserve Lambert and his business partners Plantation living schemes. They organized amongst themselves as artists and didn’t invite me. They gathered at parties and didn’t invite me. They performed together and didn’t invite me. They passive aggressively did this to show their allegiance to Massa and keep their distance from Me. Meanwhile, when passing Me in the streets they would pat my back and congratulate me on my accomplishments made – despite the efforts of their Plantation masters to kill my on stage career here locally. Well… those hurt times and feelings are no more family.

Where the Head-Roc brand is concerned, All this passive aggressive action to send me messages ain’t necessary.

You Bamas wanna battle for real, Joe???? Let’s get it on!!!! Ya’ll KNOW what I’m Working with and my Crews of Wolves been begging me to get at You… so…

Bring your Wack Ass Bands and MCs… Producers… DJ’s and such

Bring your Your Wack Ass DC flagged clothing lines.

Bring your Wack Ass Underdeveloped pre-school intellectual discussions to a debate on the issues of Gentrification and Culture Appropriation. (We can do this too!)

My Crew of Black Rock Star Super Hero Chocolate City Rockers will run you out of Town and packing!

In closing, I offer You all the same Deal I offered Your other Plantation Masters, Thievery Corporation 4 Times a Year:

Battle of the Bands/Garments/Visual Art/Whatever
Big Venue (at least 2000 and sold out)
Big $$$ ($30/ticket)
Winner takes All (100% door Sales)
Loser Leaves Town (bags packed and ready to go)


I’m coming “Black Rock Star Super Hero” and “Chocolate City Rocks” the Funk Up to teach you all a Final Lesson.

Those are My Terms as “The Mayor of DC Hip-Hop” <– which my old friends, some who I used to rock with/put on wax/put on stage at the big shows/etc can’t stand to hear or see used in Reference to Me. Yeah… I’ve known that for years.

Outside of the acceptance of those terms, I ain’t got time for none of my Old Friends. For real for real… Y’all owe me an apology for the way you have responded to being uncomfortable about calling out the Steve Lamberts and Molly Rulands operating and Profiting in our midst.

Absent an Apology, just keep my name out your mouths. You really don’t want to have an Art War of words with me, Joe. You really don’t want me to include your names and brands in the subject matter of the Art I Create.

I said it before, and ill say it again… I am a Hip-Hop Battle MC, Joe! It’s how i earned my reputation as one of the Best to ever touch the Mic here in the Diamond District. I was bestowed the title “Mayor of DC Hip-Hop” by the community.. and nothing changed on that note.

Yours Truly,

Pharaoh of the Potomac River Valley MCs



One thought on ““DC As Fuck” is the LATEST in Hipster/Gentrification Attacks on “Chocolate City Rocks”

  1. Undoubtedly, Steve Lambert is a despicable, worthless piece of shit. His methods are a key reason why the D.C. local scene is in such disrepair. Promoters/talent buyers/booking managers tend to be lazy, ineffectual parasites in the first place, but Lambert is at the top of the dung heap.

    Unfortunately, Lambert not the only one around here with some level of power with venues in this flooded market who are constantly booking shitty bands with a lot of friends, over bands who are actually worth a damn but don’t fit the popularity criteria. It’s not difficult to figure out why: with the former, they make more money and don’t have to do their jobs. No matter how good you are, one can’t even get the time of day from Lambert for a show at DC9 or R&R Hotel or whomever the booking manager at Black Cat happens to be this month, without knowing “someone.” They won’t even respond, not even to reject you. It’s amazing how many people working in the music industry don’t seem to give a damn about music. Also sharing the culpability for the ongoing decline of independent music in D.C. are the petty, cliquish media clowns who only cover what serves them, the inner circles of questionably talented geezer hacks holding onto past glories a scene they were barely a part of 3 decades ago, zombified hipsters who won’t dare offer support for something unless their flock of stark individualists gives the nod, and the shitty taste of transient wonks chasing fireball shots and weak DJs and even weaker cover bands. There is no objective support for local independent music in this town.

    The D.C. music scene is a disgraceful shadow of what it used to be and until miscreants like Steve Lambert and his ilk are removed from power positions in the scene, the only change that will occur will be that it gets even worse.

    P.S. Fuck Steve Lambert.

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