A Message to “Black Rock Star Super Heroes” fighting against Culture Thieves in this 21st Century Civil Rights Movement

To all my Black Rock Star Super Heroes who have been watching the Culture W.A.R. here taking place here in the Nation’s Capitol aka Chocolate City, USA,

THIS IS what it’s going to take to preserve and Restore our Culture, not just here in Chocolate City, but in every City Across America where that City’s Art Culture has been invaded and overran by Hipsters and their Vulture Capitalist Business Speculator Allies :

1.) Direct Challenges to the offensive Thieves of Culture and other Co-opting elements.

2.) Direct Challenges to the sell out House Negros who support them just to spite us Black Rock Star Super Heroes

3.) And compassion for those too scared to say anything against the two above, but passive aggressively chime in with “I don’t understand” or “this is stupid” style talk.

Don’t be discouraged Black Rock Star Super Heroes… Challenge them!
You Must!

And When you do:

1.) Watch them scramble and Seek to find comfort within one another.

2.) They’ll send undereducated goons to Debate and Bully you.

3.) They’ll use Social Media to publicly call you names; attempt to slander you as racist and/or Sexist (when Black Rock Star Super Hero men call them out) for holding them accountable for their actions.

4.) They’ll conspire together in private to take up some kind of action against you.

On this last point… and VERY IMPORTANT:

when they do illegal things like privately contact you – invading upon your sovereignty, or contact your employers attempting to get you fired because they don’t like what you said…

Then you very likely have a Legal case to Pursue… Please Consult a Lawyer… and pursue it!

In Closing:

Family…. It’s not 1715… 1815… 1915… It’s 2015!

Our Ancestors already paid the Heaviest Price!

What the Culture Thieves and House Variety of Negros are doing to me as I call out “DC As Fuck” as a Wretched, Vile and Vulgar thing to capitalize off as Art here in the Nation’s Capitol, is Nothing compared to what our ancestors had to deal with to protect their lands and preserve their Culture.

In fact, these Current day Implementers of their Descendants’ invader/thief/control mindset are mere Child’s Play for a…


Yours Truly,


The Mayor of DC Hip-Hop
Pharaoh of the Potomac River Valley MC’s



P.S. As a favor to me when responding, please don’t curse or threaten them. We will use our Consciousness and Articulation to Expose and isolate them.

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