Head-Roc “Bars for Days” feature in Kapital Magazine Vol 2 #8

Much Love to Jamal and all the Good Folks over at Kapital Mag for the Feature! Please take this time to visit and support them at http://www.kapitalmag.com/

…and in case the words are too small or blurry to read on the image… Here is what I said:

I’m DC Hip-Hop, NOT DC Rap,
“DC as Fuck”? What the Fuck is that Crap?
To the Back of the Stack, Fuck that
Nigga exit the Stage… I Guess I am lil Jive enraged.

Young Niggas talking Shit to the Sage,
Some of my Boys try to follow their page,
You do that, You best consider the Wage.
Go on ‘head, climb up on this Stage; Engage with this Rage,
and let me Show you Skills improve with Age.

I make my own Shit, and I make it Stick.
GODISHEUS/Black Rock Star Global Hits.
Every Continent, Will witness the incontinence,
of the inadequate Incompetence of Niggas who come to Spit,
but be talking out the side of their necks;
you gonna get what’s coming to you yet,
and next up, I believe that’s Me:
to the 3rd degree – of this Potomac River Valley MC.

I’m Pharaoh Head-Roc: “The Mayor of DC Hip-Hop”
I’m in for a pit stop – Formula One,
warning you Son: The Track is too Slick!
The curve is too tight, and 2 Dicks won’t fit!”

Head-Roc (Worldwide) from The Black Leon Project LP
Fall 2015 Release



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