My Arts Business is NOT a Non-Profit Organization, and guess what? My 501(c)(3) Arts competitors’ aren’t either.

I am not a Non-Profit Organization… and guess what?
501(c)(3)’s aren’t either.
501(c)(3)’s are Money Collecting and Generating Organizations that are Tax Exempt . Why?
Because their Boards and Executive Staff promise the Organization’s Work with and within the preyed upon Communities they serve is not/will not be Politically impacting… Which is, in all honestly… pure Bullshit. Why?
Because if you are not Demonstratively Helping our communities to survive Regimented Systemic Socio/Politico/Economic Oppression meted out upon Our Communities of Culture, then by default, you are Helping the architects of Socio/Politico/Economic oppression to continue Their work… no matter how you spin it.
Chocolate City, I have and will continue to tell you the Truth of my Actions and Intent:
My work as Head-Roc, creator and owner of Chocolate City Rocks, is designed to illicit a Political Awakening among DC’s disenfranchised and maligned Masses.
So much so, that when we hit the Polls in November 2016…
Chocolate City will pull levers for Black Rock Star Super Heroes running for the Offices, choices that will grant to Power to Immediately Change the Ground Game in the W.A.R. to “Save Chocolate City”.
I don’t know what these Arts Based and Arts Nurturing Non-Profits are doing in town… getting all the grant money, in bed with Politicians, speaking at Developers Ground-Breakings and such…
but I do know their Executive Directors are surely making a Profit (buying Houses and Cars and Vacationing the like…) with the Money they are raising that feed their Salaries.
Meanwhile, many of the local professional Artists they employ on their “Non-Profit” plantations are all too happy to earn a couple hundred bucks here and there at events, and be included on the Program itinerary… where out of town Mainstream Corporate barely Progressive artists are booked at their FULL rates (travel/hotel/per diem included) to come and entertain Us poor lowly DC Girls and Boys in the name of… the spirit of…
A Day of Escape.
These “Non-Profit” Organized events’ impact is Never Long Term. Only as long as the next grant cycle.
Well, Chocolate City… I’ve been here Forty-Four Years… The Universe Told me Ill be here at least Forty-Moor! I will continue to Work and Perform as an Artist at least until I’m Sixty, and My Chocolate City Rocks Initiative will continue BEYOND my Days on this Earth.
Get Connected and Spread the Word!
“Chocolate City Rocks”
Yours Truly,
Head-Roc (

PS. Your Favorite “Non-Profit” Board or Executive Director will NEVER Publish anything remotely close to the truth of what is expressed herein… Why?

Because they would immediately LOSE all their Funding. Whereas, We have survived, and now are very successful in our Mission’s Work for many years now… without the fiduciary benefit of non-political Funding, granted on a promise of De-fanging the Communities we Serve… in the name of Arts Expression for Community Benefit.

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