Live from Chocolate City: Thoughts from a DC Native on the 40th Anniversary of the Birth of “Chocolate City”

It’s is utterly and Amazingly Ironic to Me, a DC Native born in 19-Seventy-Fun(k),
how the current Organizers of Funk here in Chocolate City, along with their obviously Devoid of Funk accomplices, never ever Say, Celebrate, Promote, and/or Defend “Chocolate City”.
This egregious Irony is Triple Tragic when it is the Supreme Etymologist(s) of Funk: George Clinton’s Parliament who, waaaaaaay Back in 1975, are the very ones who, traveling the Galaxy in the Mothership, landed here and proclaimed Washington DC to in fact truly be “Chocolate City”.
I, Om V of GODISHEUS, exactly 40 Years Later – as in the 40th Anniversary of The True and Living Chocolate City – without a doubt, and in defiance of all thoughts and actions to the contrary, declare that STILL UNTO THIS DAY:
Chocolate City Rocks!
Yours Truly,
Old Man Vance (Om V) of GODISHEUS


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