This Diagram about DC Hip-Hop Is Pure Bullshit


If this is True…

It’s only because the Stairs to success are make up of Organizations and Individuals who Prey on the name DC Hip-Hop to benefit their Personal Livelihoods… Such As:

Words Beats and Life
DC as Fuck
Karma Enterprises
Head Rush
DC Hip-Hop Cinema
Funk Parade
Thievery Corporation
Steve Lambert & Co.

…To name a Few who I Personally have Called out and Identified as Charlatans and Plantation Masters that…

Black Artists in DC be Breaking Thier Necks and Sabotage One another to Gain Favor with.

The Leaders of these above named Groups/Organizations/Individuals are Predators. I don’t Funk with Them and You know what?


Wake Up DC Black Artists of ALL Genres. OUR success will not come working for these College Grad Transplant Wanna Bees.

They are Cowards to embrace and Love Black Artists in Chocolate City! Why?

Because we TERRIFY Their Funding Sources. Who are Their Funding Sources?

NOT The People of Chocolate City. Their Funding Sourced Agendas are to eradicate The People and Culture of Chocolate City!

And Shout out to the Plans to Build a Stadium at St. Elizabeth’s… Yeah…. That’s what Congess Heights Needs Most…

A Fucking Stadium.

Yours Truly,

Pharoah of the Potomac River Valley MCs
The Bluesman of DC Hip-Hop


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