When I am Mayor of Washington, DC

There are still a great many tens of thousands of us who would like to roll back the onslaught and victories of the gentrification agenda here in Washington, DC. I am convinced the only way to do so is politically, as in electing politically and socially conscious candidates to serve in the offices of Mayor and City Council.

There have been many attempts by well-meaning liberal/progressive leaders and religious figures to win high office elections. Sadly and predictably, they all have fallen way short of the mark. Why?

The reason why is simple, and yes there is only ONE reason. Unfortunately, and against the expert advice of those of us who know intrinsically, all these past candidates have come up short on ONE thing.

That ONE thing is the simple, but public, declaration love for the descendants of enslaved Africans living in the nation’s capital to realize the American Dream. That declaration of love is known worldwide as “Black Love”.

By public I mean you gotta wear Black Love on your sleeve. That means, along with exuding Black Love, you have to endure never ending questions and criticisms for letting the outside world know that you do in fact have deep seeded and unflinching love for, hold on tight now, Black and Brown People in the city of Washington, DC.

Yes, it’s that simple to win here in Chocolate City… Just ask Marion Barry, Jr.

Providing an example of the type of the “Save Chocolate City” mentality and rhetoric I’d like to see in a candidate running for public office in Washington DC this 2016 election year, Here are just a few campaign platform items  I’d raise, run on, win, and WILL fulfill…

When I am Mayor of Washington, DC:

  • Eliminate Residential Only permit parking restrictions Citywide.
  • Recover, Restore, and Re-Open all DCPS Schools & owned buildings/properties sold to private developers and/or transitioned into charter schools.
  • Recover, Restore, and Re-Open all DCPR Recreation Centers and Libraries sold to private developers and or transitioned for any use outside of public use.
  • Ask/Petition Metro to reinstate paper transfer use in the District of Columbia.
  • Require all Executive, Senior, and Managerial DC Gov’t Employees to live within city limits.
  • Require all Police Department Officers to live within city limits.
  • Require the Chief of Police to have been a DC Resident of at least 20 years.
  • Require all Fire Department Officers to live within city limits.
  • Require the Fire Chief to have been a DC Resident of at least 20 years.
  • Recover, Evaluate, Restore and/or repurpose all DC Government property (Buildings and Land) sold or gifted since Anthony Williams Administration.
  • Triple the funding of the DCCAH.
  • Fully restore and funding arts programs/classes at DCPS.
  • Require all DCPS Principals to be products of DCPS system.
  • Triple the budget for UDC.
  • Call a moratorium on and cease all residential construction and development not scheduled to be completed by January 31, 2018.
  • Increase Funding for the DC Childcare Subsidy program.
  • Organize a “Statehood or Cessation” Initiative to realize full autonomy from the Federal Government’s control over Local Affairs.

Yours Truly,

The Mayor of DC Hip-Hop
Pharaoh of the Potomac River Valley MCs



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