Overstanding vs. Reacting to Beyonce’s Latest

Beyonce’s new Song and Video is a work showcasing the insecurities she’s earned, hand in hand, with her success being a Super Capitalist.

As a descendant of Enslaved Africans American having achieved Super Capitalist Wealth Status and Stature, she is simultaneously plagued with feelings of guilt for having done so.

At some level, consciously or not, Beyonce knows that the Food Source fueling ALL Super Capitalist Success in America… is the very People SHE comes from. That’s why she roll calls her heritage in her new video:

Alabama + New Orleans = Beyonce… or… Negro + Creole = Beyonce.

That what she says right? And why does she feel the need to do so? She has a mountain of material about how she doesn’t care what People say about her success because, while we may be at home (listening to Her Music) starving, struggling, scraping, being menaced by the machinations of Super Capitalism so that IT can indeed be SUPER…

Beyonce is counting her Super Capitalistically earned paper.

So then again… why the strong imagery and regurgitation of more self-affirming lyrics in her new work?

Because SHE wants US to know that, while she is Super Capitalistically out of OUR League, she is STILL one of US… aka…

Now that she has all this Money and Access… She don’t know what the Funk to do with it.

She does, however, know that Her People need help.

Help that, with all Beyonce has accomplished and resources she has access to, she can surely help provide, but at what cost to HER?

We shall see…

Back Rock Star Super Heroistically Yours,


The Mayor of DC Hip-Hop
Pharaoh of the Potomac River Valley MC’s


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