Femi the Drifish promotes new Single Release titled “Moth” rocking Head-Roc’s BRSSH Are-Moor Tee!

Say Word!

We are  excessively proud and honored to announce that our “Black Rock Star Super Hero” Are-Moor Tee is the Adornment of choice worn  by  Baltimore based Alternative Rock Star Front-man (The Outta Water Experience), and Master Poet Femi the Drifish to promote his new hit Single “Moth” – which is available for FREE Streaming & Download via Femi’s Soundcloud page.

We’ve been listening to “Moth” all weekend, and have to say that we absolutely LOVE IT! Shout out to Kissi B & Christen B for their vocal contributions singing the hook!

Femi (as usual) is spectacular on the Rhythm and Rhyme in full Poet MC mode representing B-more via Nigeria (British born) very well!

We will actually be in the house this weekend at Baltimore’s The 14 Karat Cabaret Club when Femi’s monster band, The Outta Water Experience takes the stage along with DC’s own Thaylobleu, Old Eastern (Balt.), and Poet Dustin Nispel (York, PA). We invite out Tubman City Black Rock Star Super Heroes to come joint us for a unique and soul inspiring Black Rock/Alt Indie affair. For those of us with kids, this is an all ages show.

All info, links to the bands/artists  and to purchase tickets can be found on Femi’s Facebook Event Page.

To discover and learn yourselves on all things Femi the Drifish (New Music, Merchandise, and News) we STRONGLY encourage independent music/art lovers and supporters to visit his website: http://anartkeymusic.com/

See you Saturday in Baltimore!!

Team Head-Roc

**Did we mention that Femi is one our featured “Black Rock Star Super Hero” models in the Head-Roc E-Store? In fact, use Code “TheDriFish” to receive 10% off your total purchase of our BRSSH Are-Moor Tee.

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