Album Review: The Black Leon Project

How does an Artist survive in the 21st Century operating outside of the Plantation’s System of Approval?

You and Your Team MUST bypass the Middle Man: Gatekeepers & Tastemakers reporting to the Plantation Masters. The Gatekeepers & Taste-makers in our Industry are Arts Reviewers/Journalists and Radio Programmers.

Lets face it, these Agents of information dissemination can no longer be trusted to seek out and vet the new music rolling out at the rate of a Mile a Minute from Artists all over the Nation. Hard to find in this group are the true Arts talents; languishing  in forced anonymity because local Gate-keeping and Taste-making elements defer to the lesser standards of Plantation Approval.

Then, from within this Mass, there exists “Black Rock Star Super Hero” Artists. Artists who actually challenge what’s popular in society; calling out POP as Plantation engineered- mind numbing-soul stealing- unconscious- unfocused Human expression, packaged/distributed/marketed as Art for Public consumption… to the Generational detriment of all Humankind. (lol).

Again, How does an Artist survive in the 21st Century, operating outside of the Plantation’s System of Approval?

We do so with a little Help from our community of Black Rock Star Super Hero authentic  Community Leaders.

Sent in from Baltimore Hip-Hop’s own Saleem (of Saleem and The Music Lovers):

“I want to say that Head-Roc’s Black Leon project is a breath of fresh air, but this was actually a moment of exhalation (yes, not exhilaration). You see, for the past few years–heck maybe even decade– I’ve been holding my breath. I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop; waiting for the artistic bar to be lowered yet again. I’ve been holding my breath and waiting for the final death knell of hip-hop. This may sound like hyperbole, but sadly, it’s the honest truth. And then the Black Leon project came along. Project being the key word. A cohesive project with actual stories. These are real words tied to an actual life that isn’t portrayed through the filters of fads, fantasy, pseudo hood talk, or auto-tune. There is a journey taking place throughout the metaphors and similes that Head-Roc layered over Black Ink’s inspired production. It feels like they actually tried to make songs! Isn’t that a novel concept? A producer and writer came together to create compositions that said something; music that has a meaning. And no, it’s not conscious rap! It’s life in all of its unflattering honesty and imperfect beauty. It’s the image we see when we look into the mirror. It’s the new frown line above our brow. It’s the touch of gray hair peeking out near our temple. It’s that new smile line creasing our face, hinting at the path of experiences and hard fought victories that earned us those moments of joy.  With Black Ink’s 2016 boom bap tracks playing the role of composition binder, Head-Roc skillfully places his words between the lines of each beat and it’s nothing short of magical. This is the next album you need to purchase…right now! Ok, seriously stop reading this and go buy the album, lol!”

 Saleem Heggins

Saleem and The Music Lovers on iTunes
Saleem and The Music Loves on Soundcloud 
Saleem and The Music Loves on YouTube   

Listen to and Purchase Head-Roc’s “The Black Leon Project (Produced by Black inK)” on CD Baby


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