Head-Roc on the Passing of Muhammad Ali

To My Black Rock Star Super Hero People of Culture ALL OVER the Nation working to push America Forward into a Future Differing from the Plans of its Founding Fathers:
These are Unprecedented Times!
Do NOT be Discouraged by Naysayers and Cowards of Consciousness!
Stay True to Ways of Your Culture whilst Promoting and Defending It!
Stand FIRM and BALANCED on the Shoulders of Our Ancestors who Paid for Us to Express Ourselves FREELY (Relatively).
MOST IMPORTANT: Don’t Blame/Ostracize/Marginalize  the Youth for their Behavior in These Times, nor fault the more impoverished and dejected of Us for problems created by Greed and Enslavement of our Ancestors Generations Ago. The Youth will find Their Way…the Dejected with find renewed motivation…
As we CONTINUE to Do our Jobs… Leading by Example!

Rest in Power Master Teacher Muhammad Ali!


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