One Love = True Change Co-op presents: The Sovereign Music & Healing Festival Saturday July 2nd w/ Live Performances by Cecily, Kenny Sharp, Meche Korrect, Quinton Randall, & Head-Roc

The only “One Love” I funks with in the Nation’s Capital is the One Love = True Change Co-op! A cooperative effort of artists and entrepreneurs supporting the economic success of conscious Artists of Culture in the DC Metropolitan Area, One Love = True Change has been producing retail “pop-up” shops regularly over the last year and some change. 

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to showcase and sell my “Black Rock Super Hero” and “Chocolate City Rocks” Head-Roc branded T-Shirts at a One Love = True Change retail event. The name of the Sistar I know to be in Charge is Preshona, who I also know to be an Actor working with the locally based Hissing Black Cat Theater Company.

To find out more about One Love = True Change and its impetus to produce the Sovereign Music & Healing Festival taking place this Saturday July 2nd at the 3021 Pop-Up, I asked Preshona to answer a few questions:

Hello SiStar Preshona! Please tell me about the One Love = True Change Co-op. How long has the co-op been in existence? 

The One Love Co-Op has been in existence since last year, 2015.  One Love as a movement existed as a festival format since 2011.

How did One Love = True Change get started?  

One Love started as workshops in a DC correctional facility educating the youth on the psycho-sociology and untold histories of African and melanated people in the United States – information that could have the potential to liberate them from entrapping ways of thinking.  As the students had more and more questions, the teachers kept exploring. The course began leading the instructors to other connected areas like nutrition and universal spiritual knowledge like the law of attraction, kharma, the golden rule, etc., A co-teacher Chantee Williams had the great idea to bring this information out to the public, to the community.  As the information has the power to liberate us all, she thought of calling it something everyone would understand: One Love.

One Love then began out of my  mother’s house as a potluck gathering.  Eventually, as Preshona’s friends had a similar notion out in the west coast, they began planning One Love’s on the same day across coasts in order to expand our conscious community. Then as they started taking on a festival format, the community began realizing the importance of co-operative economics to support the droves of amazing and burgeoning businesses and artists of color – particularly those who have been disenfranchised by a financially over-demanding society.

In 2014, One Love opened its supplemental homeschool component and alternative education co-op, I Am Sun.  One year later, in 2015, One Love launched its co-op concept, a growing collective of vendors and healers of color who care about their community.

Who are the Founders and members? 

Founding Members: 
Preshona Ghose, Chantee Williams, Sikander Iqbal, John Hopkins, Alisa Baca, Raquel Brown, Hermione Rhones, Gaje Jones, Nicole Edwards, Chris Mychal, Mama Akua, Ajene Harley, David Poms, Elyse Preston.

Co-Op Members: 
Rashiah Greene, Al-Qamar Malik, Char Brown, Ra-El Bey, Master Ashep, Baba J’Huti, Dr. Yuma Bellomee, Uchenna, Cecily Bumbray, Dwayne Lawson-Brown, Jason Davis, etc.,  and the growing village of I Am Sun Families.

How does one interested to become involved find out more, and become a part of the Co-op?

Text Preshona at 240-447-2983. We are looking for passionate educators of the untold perspectives of cultures of color in Math, Language, History, Character Building, and Sciences.   We are also recruiting an alternative (think Afro-Punk) vintage vendor; a talented eyebrow threader; a natural nail artist, and a funky barber.

One Love = True Change has decided to expand and take on producing live music events as a function of promoting its mission. On July 2nd One Love = True Change is producing the Sovereign Music and Healing Festival. I LOVE the name and thinks it’s awesome, and that’s why when approached about rocking it, Head-Roc enthusiastically agreed. Please share with Chocolate Citythe culture lovers One Love = True Change’s philosophy on the importance, and nexus ,of Music and Healing. 

Music and Healing are central to the growth and development of our community.  As Anthony Browder put it, music is what we meditate upon–so what are we meditating on?  Becoming aware of and surrounding ourselves with artists who reflect our beauty, our values, and consciousness  is very crucial in deepening and expanding our experience as a colonized people. We have to get back to who we are and sift through the industry non-sense and prison industrial complex anthem music that seems to intentionally dumb so many of us down.  Energy healing is an ancient practice to help align the multiple energy centers within us to help us live through more balanced perspectives and temples.

What artists are scheduled to perform at the festival? Share with us a little about each, and how they each uniquely personify One Love = True Change’s “Sovereign Music and Healing” Festival philosophy.

Kenny Sharp: emcee and acoustic vocalist (trained in piano, drums, and now learning guitar and vocals).  Sounds/Influences: Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, John Legend, Original Music.

Cecily: R&B/Soul Vocalist reminiscent of the Minnie Riperton days.

Head-Roc: Conscious Hip-Hop Emcee and DC representative

Meche Korrect: Funky Alternative Soul

Quinton Randall: Blues Singer, Songwriter, and Acoustic Vocalist

Will the Sovereign Music and Healing Festival also host One Love = True Change’s regular pop up shop vendors & activities? If so, please let festival goers know what else to expect.

Yes indeed. Featured co-op vendors are: Shop Ra Life, Malik’s Fashions, Cecily Music, Dr. Yew’s Herbs for Holistic Health, Sons of Light Shea and Crystal/Copper Adornment & Heart Chakra Therapy, Zawadi Institute Reike and Chakra Healing, Healing Hands Institute Massages, Daughta of Zion handmade Jewelry, Your Life’s Worth raw vegan food, Everlasting Life cooked vegan food – and many, many more.

Saturday July 2nd 2016: One Love = True Change Co-op presents: The Sovereign Music & Healing Festival 3021 15th St NW, DC., 12p – 8pm. $7. Purchase Tickets @

Visit the One Love = True Change Facebook Event page for More Information.


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