July Eleventh Two Thousand Too! (The “Timeless” Prophecy)

14 Years Ago Today… July 11, 2002.

I penned my Opening Verse on “Timless” as Prophecy addressing all the DC Rap, DC As Fuck/One Love Massive, Karma Enterprises, Funk Parade, Thievery Corporation, Words Beats and Life, DC Loves Munch’s Dilla, DC Hip-Hop This… DC Hip-Hop That… Steve Lamberts, Chris Naoum, Molly Ruland, Heather Mandlekorn, “Bamas Like That” Types:

Who were, in establishing themselves Disrespectful to the Creativity, Ingenuity, Generosity, Leadership, Bravery, Arts Mastery, Humanity, Spirituality, plus Coat and Hat checking At the Gate my Crews Infinite Loop/3LG/Head-Roc War Machine did for our Part in Developing the DC Music Community.

I name these Bamas because they OVER competed with Me in the Scene. They didn’t just do their Thing…

They each tried to Fuck with Me as they Did whatever it is They do to Try and Keep Their respective Plantation Alive – Plantations populated with DMV Artists Enslaved by way of Desperation.

Of that Designation… I, Head-Roc, am Not.

25 Years in the Game, and 14 of Them Later after writing “Timeless”…

BLACK LEON is my 5th Solo LP and is on pace to move 10,000 units! A Mile High and career bucket list Goal for Team Head-Roc.

Fuck what Cha Heard… We out Here Hustling Joe!

Listen to “Timeless”(feat. Noyeek the Grizzly Bear & prod. by The Last Skeptik, released on The Black Rock Star Super Hero Music Street LP Mixtage 2013) https://www.reverbnation.com/…/16923822-track-10-timeless-p…

Shout out to the General Noyeek the Grizzly Bear Keeyon Raspberry on this Joint Produced by The Last Skeptik (UK) back in the Day.

The Song “Timeless” is in the Black Rock Star Super Hero Music Street Tape LP available for Download art Www.blackrockstarsuperheromusic.com


And go get that Black Leon from www.head-roc.com


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