Why the DMV needs “Chocolate City Rocks”: An open letter by Head-Roc

“Chocolate City Rocks is BACK! But, don’t call it a comeback… We’ve been here for YEARS! In fact, we were born and raised here in the DMV!

Many of you are aware of the Culture WAR raging in the Nation’s Capital as the Effects of Gentrification has eroded many relationships between once trusted allies.

On 2014 Chocolate City Rocks enjoyed producing 5 shows at the world famous John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. True to our mission, we put together programs featuring the amazing talents of DMV Arts Community veterans and legends – presenting them to the kind of national and international audiences typically drawn by Kennedy Center performances.

We thought we had a great and wonderful thing going on… until, publically via social media, we called out the folks behind the vile and vulgar “DC As Fuck” brand. Additionally, We “Pinned the Tail on the Donkey” by calling out Chris Naoum of the Funk Parade for attempting to bribe arts organizations so they wouldn’t work with Chocolate City Rocks founder Head-Roc (Me).

As leaders and mentors of the DMV, we see it as our duty to identify and warn our Arts peers and supporters about the predatory elements of DC’s Arts Community and economy. We’re no strangers to such actions. There have been others Head-Roc has taken to task for their ill behavior and unscrupulous actions to sabotage the authentic leadership of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area’s Art Community. DC Rap and Karma Enterprises are two examples in current times of brands that we have called out for having done harm to our DC Artists Community.

While combating these scourges and interlopers operating amongst us and masquerading as us, as we continue to put the heat on them via social media and in the press, it is important that we also produce events where “People of Culture” can congregate for entertainment anchored enjoyment, relaxation, and fellowship… and to do so without compromise.

“Chocolate City Rocks” serves the DMV Area’s patrons of consciousness material producing artists in a capacity to satisfy this very need. And to do so, we partner with our DMV based entertainment service providing peer’s brands to provide an unmatched and affordable entertainment experience.

Sunday September 4th we are hosting Chocolate City Rocks @ The Black Whole in Deanwood, Chocolate City, USA (DC). This Chocolate City Rocks kicks off our Fall 2016 season of events hosted at the private residences of owners who share our sentiments with regard to the ill treatment of Artists in the DMV Arts Community, and are supportive of my strategy and efforts to outmaneuver the predators.

Our goal is simple: connecting patrons of the arts with Artists to ensure our survival and independence. We too, have families to house, feed, and raise.

To do this, we have devised a formula that, by way of patronage, pays everyone we partner with to produce Chocolate City Rocks events where there is a fee or donation request for entry. That’s the DJ, the Chef(s), the featured Act, the Host, the hosting residence, and Security. Each partner is a seasoned expert working passionately in the their art’s profession. Our sustainability is what you are supporting when you patronize a Chocolate City Rocks produced event.

Our track record of approval producing “Chocolate City Rocks” event is ironclad in providing complete satisfaction for all who attend. Our Artist Advocacy is nationally known and respected. We ask that in addition to making plans to join us this Fall 2016, that you spread the word far and wide with others ready to send a message by way of their Con$ciou$ Dollar$ $upport of the “Chocolate City Rocks” and “Black Rock Star Super Hero” brands, and accompanying efforts.

Please visit www.chocolatecityrocks.com to find out the details of our upcoming Sunday September 4, 2016 “Chocolate City Rocks @ The Black Whole” production. While we have the world’s attention, we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank Diaspora Blac, Kristen and Kenny Nero of K&K Veg, DJ Eskimo, and Pahel Brunis for partnering with our “Chocolate City Rocks” initiative for 9/4.

Yours Truly,

The Mayor of DC Hip-Hop
Creator and Founder of “Chocolate City Rocks”

**The new “Chocolate City Rocks” logo was created by Pahel Brunis. Let me know what you think… Bless!


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