Head-Roc’s “The Black Avenger” LP (produced by Black inK) is now Available!

“The Black Avenger” LP is Head-Roc’s 6th Solo release and second consecutive creative work featuring production by longtime DMV Hip-Hop icon Black inK.

Head-Roc describes “The Black Avenger” LP as a series of cathartic songs chronicling his personal journey as a descendant of enslaved Africans living in the Americas.

The album’s themes include:

clarion call messages of encouragement to Head-Roc’s “Black Rock Star Super Hero” fan base (The Black Avenger);

his personal accounts involving and resolving highly charged racial encounters on Washington, DC streets (I Beat the Big Brothers Up);

an anthem to blue collar workers (Blue Collar feat. Noyeek); the US Armed Forces supporting, anti-war advocacy anthem (Support Our Troops);

and Head-Roc’s critique of DC’s agents of gentrification operating in DMV art communities (DCasF***?).

Listen, Download, and Share Head-Roc’s The Black Avenger LP Produced by Black inK HERE!

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